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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Customer service

A telephone  conversation:

Caller: I’m just making enquiries about the campsite

Me: That’s fine. What would you like to know?

Caller: What’s the weather doing with you?

Me: It’s a bit wet today

Caller: Oh (significant pause) Is it always like that?

Me: Not at all. We’ve had a lot of sunshine this year so far and in May and June we’ve had gorgeous sunsets

Caller: I expect the mountains get in the way where you are

Me: The sun goes down over Kintyre and shines right onto Lochranza in summer

Caller: I’ve heard it’s sunny on Islay

Me: That’s nice for Islay

Caller: What are the midges like?

Me: Well, it depends on the conditions. They’re only around in warm, still weather at dawn and dusk, and we usually have breezes here that keep them away

Caller: Oh (significant pause) You get a lot of wind then?

Me: We’re a west coast island ! Actually, today it’s pretty calm

Caller: Hmmm (significant pause) How much is it for one person in a small tent?

Me: It’s £8 a night

Caller: What facilities does that include?

Me: The fee includes our lovely hot showers, hot water for dishwashing; use of a spin dryer, iron and drying cupboard in the laundry, and a fridge, kettle and microwave in the campers’ room. You don’t pay extra for using hairdryers…

Caller: I haven’t got much hair. I don’t need a hairdryer.

Me: Oh dear

Caller: If I decide to come do I need to book a pitch?

Me: Small tents don’t usually need to book but we can never guarantee we have space

Caller: I don’t know when I want to come. How close is town by the way?

Me: Brodick is 14 miles away over a rough hilly road. On dark nights it’s a very dark road indeed – watch out for the stags charging about – not to mention the potholes.
It’s a fact that West Scotland is a wild place.
It’s not Bognor Regis.
No weather forecast comes anywhere near accuracy regarding the microclimates……… and when the Atlantic winter gales gather up all their might and howl up the loch, it’s positively terrifying.

That’s how we like it.

Caller: Have you got a supermarket?

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