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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Clement Drouet is 23 and comes from Nantes in Brittany. For the past four weeks he has been helping us out in Reception and he’s translated some of the campsite information into French for French visitors.
This is Clement’s  blog.
I’ve been travelling around the UK and Ireland since January as part of the Workaway experience (www.workaway.info).

 I have discovered and explored a lot of fantastic places with many wonderful breathtaking landscapes including the scenic Antrim coast and Dingle Bay, majestic Killarney, the Snowdonia National Park, Chester and York. I have witnessed the true Irish atmosphere and the delightful British food, cakes and pies. I did not imagine that Scotland would be such a wildlife sanctuary.
I arrived on Arran by ferry boat and the view made the crossing well worthwhile: a perfect painting of Scotland. Clean blue water and beautiful mountains. My campsite is situated in Lochranza, a charming valley with plenty of wildlife. A golden eagle soars over the mountain, a heron often stays near the burn, some common seals swim along the coast and the most surprising is the red deer. Here in Lochranza and especially on the campsite they are easy to see. Even though the wildlife is impressive, don’t miss exploring the landscape. Walk around, climb Goat Fell, discover the Sleeping Warrior and relax. The views are dramatic and spectacular. There is no doubt that the Scottish weather can be wet. However, you can walk up to waterfalls and discover the ancient stone circles. Exploring is the best way to understand this island.
I am working and helping at Lochranza Campsite and eating Arran food: Arran cheese, Arran beer and the fish and chips from CafĂ© Thyme. You can discover Arran Aromatics as well. Do not miss the meat of the Arran butcher. From Lochranza you can take the ferry boat to Kintyre- you’ll get a fantastic viewpoint of Arran. And try the Sandwich Station.
I have been to the Distillery festival. They had nice Scottish and Irish songs and plenty of drinks. I’m not a whisky fan but this one is really good. Try the Arran cream whisky (Arran Gold) and have a nice time in the Distillery. The festival is well worth going to.
Spending time on Arran is a good way to spend your holidays. You’ll find your own activities to enjoy on Arran. For me it’s walking and climbing the dramatic mountains and witnessing the wildlife.
We think Clement is a very good photographer- here are some of his pictures. Our favourite is the one of horses keeping cool at Skipness looking over the Kilbrannan Sound to Arran.
The photos are copyright Clement Drouet