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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

It's not all Par and Handicaps

It’s not all Par and Handicaps

What can you do together on your family holiday that everyone can enjoy from the youngest to oldest and whether it’s sunny or raining? The answer is a short distance from your camping pitch: golf! Only preconceptions that golf is difficult, expensive and you need a lot of specialist gear will stand in your way because golf has reinvented itself from what it was twenty years ago. Courses have become havens for wildlife and clubs have made learning to play affordable. Everyone who has played golf knows: it’s a great experience and it’s addictive!

Some of today’s best Arran golfers honed their drives on Lochranza’s wide green fairways. Lochranza Golf has golfing options: two putting greens, a nine hole pitch and putt course and a nine hole golf course. We have plenty of clubs for hire and we do not require bookings.

Playing golf is a journey: at Lochranza the course flows down the flat floor of the glen where the burn, Chalmadale Waters, meanders across it. It lies in the heart of the glen and as you play there is every likelihood that you will see red deer stags and soaring golden eagles. Eventually you reach the head of the loch and see the sea and the castle. As you play, decisions have to be made –safe or ambitious- and challenges attempted.

There are lots of variations you can add to the game to encourage children to play such as working in pairs with one ball and taking alternative shots. Some children are spurred on by competition whilst some are stressed by it and prefer working as a team.

Our multi-day holiday passes are great value! For example a three-day pass gives you unlimited play for three whole days and costs £30 per adult and £15 per junior.

There are six other golf courses on the island (one a day for a week’s holiday) and all welcome visitors. Each one has its own character, challenges and beautiful location. You can find out more about them at www.golfonarran.com

Norway in Miniature

Arran is well-known as Scotland in Miniature (because the North has Highlands scenery and the South has Lowlands scenery) but perhaps it is Norway in Miniature too. I opened my June copy of The Great Outdoors magazine from Arran Active in Brodick and saw Cioch na Hoighe as it appears from Sannox. Except it wasn't. It was a peak in Norway.

The top two pictures are in Norway.
The bottom one is Cioch na h-Oighe in Glen Sannox.

No wonder Vikings ruled here till the 13th century,
and Sannox is a Viking name, though Cioch na h-Oighe- the maiden's breast - is from the Gaelic.