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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Our new reception building
We’re really pleased with our new reception building.

Thanks to Keith and Steve of Wintech Modular Projects Limited for all their hard work installing the building in a very wet winter.

The new laundry. Facilities include washing machine, tumble dryer, spin dryer and handwashing sink. There is also an outdoor washing line.

The new office.  We like how warm and spacious it is. We have maps and walking guides for sale and plenty of midge products. We also sell icecreams, chocolate, frozen bread and UHT milk cartons.
DVDs can be borrowed.

Basecamp. In here there is information about the area, books and magazines, a fridge and a kettle. There is also a drying cupboard for wet boots and outdoor gear.
We also have a spacious new toilet and shower room for anyone with mobility issues.
Also new! A cooking shelter outside the new reception building. Thankfully, it hasn’t  been needed much yet because the weather this May has been so fabulous.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Forensic Team

I thought you'd enjoy this picture of the local forensic team working hard on the golf course. Thanks to my cousin Avril Flint for the photo.

Monday, 16 May 2016

The Treasures of Brodick Castle

Think of a castle. Words like imposing, impenetrable and intimidating spring to mind. Yet none of them seem fitting for Brodick Castle. It may have seen its fair share of bloody games of thrones - the Dukes and Duchesses of Hamilton who owned it stood within a whisker of succession to the Scottish crown- but the impression you perceive when you visit is that of.......... a home! A delightful, sunny and comfortable home in which you can almost hear the echoes of the bustle of a large household and their much-loved dogs down the ages.

Brodick Castle, in its south-facing perch overlooking Brodick Bay and surrounded by beautiful lush gardens tumbling with waterfalls and rhododendrons, was acquired by the National Trust for Scotland in 1958 from the Lady Jean Fforde, now in her nineties and still living on the island. The castle has been kept with meticulous care and devotion just as it was left and every room is filled with the colourful, precious, extravagant and quirky possessions of a wealthy dynasty. It was with a view to finding out more about these that I booked on one of the Castle’s new specialist guided tours: ‘The Treasures of Brodick Castle’. These treasures represent one of the most significant collections of art and artefacts in Scotland.

As you might visit Brodick Castle yourself, I won’t give away too much here about the secrets and stories of the treasures which guide Sue Mills reveals during the tour, but I’ll just mention a particular one that intrigued me- a bezoar. As an aristocrat with enemies you might pop a bezoar into your drink to protect yourself because it was believed to be an antidote to poison. It is actually a hairball from a ruminant’s stomach and, as it turns out, this is one of those examples of traditional remedies being proven to work by science: such hairballs are indeed an effective antidote to arsenic. The bezoar was encased in a delicate filigree flask and hanging on a chain. It seemed like a symbol of a sophisticated but deadly world.

The history of Brodick Castle is inseparable from the history of Arran and today the castle and its enchanting gardens will engage and interest all members of the family. After your visit, do try to read Lady Jean Fforde’s autobiography ‘Castles and Catastrophes’ which records with honesty and humour a childhood spent at home in Brodick Castle with its many privileges and also its many challenges.

Brodick Castle and its grounds are open daily throughout the summer.