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Sunday, 4 April 2010

4th April
It’s Easter Day and it’s a bright and breezy spring day after a wintry week! Last Monday, by breakfast-time, I had seen six red squirrels racing about in their usual lively fashion. I thought they must be waking up for spring but now I think they must have sensed the wintry storm that was on its way. In December it was nice to have a “proper” winter but, after hearing the new born lambs bleating pitifully in the sleet and gales on Tuesday, I shall be glad to see no more snow for a very long time.

Campsite Star Awards of the week go to the campers without electric hook-ups who chose to brave out the pre-Easter weather, and also to the caravanners who thought they had electric hook-ups but didn’t due to power cuts, and who sat by candlelight saying how great it was to be tucked up inside listening to the wild weather outside.

A striking difference I have noticed to mainland life is attitudes to rubbish. In mainland life, you don’t think twice about getting rid of your clutter. Here, there is no such thing as clutter- just things that will have a future usage, you just don’t know where, when or how. You don’t throw anything away. The campsite has sheds full of this valuable rubbish. Nigel has enthusiastically adopted island philosophy and made an electric distribution board cupboard out of an old fridge carcase.